hvac conversions el paso, tx

Replace Your Evaporative Cooler With an HVAC Unit

We offer HVAC conversions in El Paso, TX

It can get brutally hot in El Paso, TX during the summer. You need an air conditioner that runs well and doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. If you have an evaporative cooling system instead of a standard air conditioner, you're probably spending a lot of money cooling your home in the summer.

Converting your HVAC system from an evaporative unit to a high-quality air conditioner saves you time and money and is great for the environment. Don't spend another summer choosing between your savings and your comfort. Turn to Times Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. for HVAC installation services ASAP.

hvac conversions el paso, tx

4 reasons to replace your evaporative cooler with an air conditioner

Quit wasting money on inefficient air conditioning systems. Here are four reasons to get HVAC conversion services today:

  • Our air conditioners work better in humid weather than evaporative coolers.
  • When the humidity in your home is high, you run the risk of damaging the wood in your house.
  • Our air conditioners use less power than evaporative coolers, so your energy bills will go down.
  • Your water bill will go down, too. Evaporative coolers use 300 gallons of water per day.

What are you waiting for? Call 915-593-1781 to schedule HVAC installation services today with Times Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating Inc.